Monday, July 8, 2013

Leah Remini Leaving Scientology

Hi Leah,

I wanted to write you a letter in the hopes that I might attract your attention.

I worked in the sales area of the Advanced Organization of Los Angeles during 2001-4 when you were attending services there. I remember very well when you came through with baskets of super delicious chocolate covered strawberries. You looked at me and you spoke to me with kindness and respect.

During the years that I was in the Sea Org, you were the only person who treated me so well. In the 20 minutes that you were in the room, I had never felt so loved. Not even by my own parents.

I have been to hell and back, but that moment when I met you, and the other times when we passed each other and you smiled at me, you made me feel warm inside.

This is not a love letter (I'm sure you can tell by my blog I'm not into women), but I just wanted to tell you: I hope you have left Scientology. You're too nice to be in that awful place. It's better out here.

I would love to speak to you again if you are interested.

I've been on Tony Ortega's blog ( reading about the possibility that you might have left the church. Please, please do a favor for me and all the other children suffering at the hands of the Church of Scientology: speak out against the church, openly and publicly. We need support from people like you and Paul Haggis.